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Martin County Sheriff’s open cold case of missing 80-year-old Mabel Tresner

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office stated today that they are going to reopen the case of missing Florida woman, Mabel Lee Tresner, 80 who went missing 22 years ago.

Mabel lived in Jensen Beach in a mobile home off Baker Road. She didn’t have any dementia and enjoyed volunteer work.   A friend went to pick her up at her mobile home at 172 N.E. 15th Terrace to give her a ride to the Jesus House of Hope thrift shop where she worked as a volunteer on Aug. 17, 1993, but she was not there.  Her home was found unlocked.  Mabel’s daughter was contacted and she went to see what was going on and found her mom’s purse, dentures and glasses inside the home.  Her shoes behind a chair.

After she was reported missing law enforcement did a full scale search for her using every resource they had.

“Detectives searched for weeks for Mabel, even excavated underneath her home in an effort to find clues. For months following her disappearance, detectives received tips about possible Mabel sightings, but nothing panned out. The only clue they had was that someone reported an elderly woman walking barefoot in a nightgown along US 1 in Stuart, but the tip was never confirmed.  With her belongings left in the home, there was a possibility that she could have had some type of medical emergency and it caused her to leave her home.  But, now police reveal they don’t think so.


“Because of certain evidence found inside the home at the time, detectives could not rule out foul play.  In fact, foul play is likely,” the police said.

On the Martin County Sheriff’s Facebook page they posted:

The Martin County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Detectives are now taking a closer look at this case, in hopes of finding out, what really happened to Mabel Tresner. Today, Mabel be 102 years old. Detectives know, that they are likely searching for Mabel’s remains, but they also want answers as exactly happened, and who, if anyone, may have played a role in this lovely woman’s disappearance.  It is possible that someone may have information that may help us close this case, find closure for Mabel’s family, and seek justice for Mabel. 

If you have any information please call the police at 772-220-7087 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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