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Body of teen missing for seven years found in chimney of cabin

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Joshua Vernon Maddux was 18 when he went missing  from Colorado in 2008.  His family thought he may have decided to go off on his own and they never heard from him again.

On Aug. 7, 2015,  a cabin that had been moved from a lot in Woodland Park and was being torn down surprised a group of construction workers when they found a body inside the chimney.

On Tuesday the Teller County Coroner Al Born announced that through dental records they identified the body as belonging to Maddux.

It is believed that Maddux who was tall and skinny tried to go down the chimney and got stuck because there was a wood-burning insert in the fireplace of the cabin that made it impossible to get out of the the chimney at the bottom and he wasn’t able to crawl back up.

The cabin once a homestead of the Thunderhead Ranch famous for illegal gambling years ago and for the last 60 years belonged to a couple.  The cabin was lived in for several years and then left vacant after that.  The couple stated they would go to check on it from time to time and did notice a bad smell.

“I went to work one day and came home and he wasn’t there,” Mike Maddux told Pikes Peak Colorado news. “The next day he still didn’t come home. I called all his friends. Nobody’s seen him. Nobody knows where he is. I didn’t know what to do so I called the police. He went missing on May 8 and I called police May 13, 2008.”


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  1. Decided to go off on his own. Seems more of a youngsters curiosity, leading to death. Its not the first missing person that has been found in a chemeny. Condolences to the family. Just isnt clear as how such a incident would go by unnoticed.

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