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Toddler found wandering with blood on clothes in Baltimore

A little girl was found wandering the Baltimore streets alone on Sunday night with blood on her clothes, by a security worker at the CVS parking lot.

Frank Myers asked her where her parents were and the little girl replied, “Well, I want to go see the fishes and my mother is bleedy,” she answered reports WJZ news.

The police were able to identify the little girl as 3-year-old Jaycia Jackson from Halethorpe.  They found her mother, Brittany Jackson inside the home  at 2917 Freeway in an upstairs bathroom deceased.  She was covered in blood. 

They police said there is no signs of foul play and the cause of death will need to be determined by an autopsy, but no explanation where the blood came from but assuminging it was from the mother. 

Jaycia also had blood on her clothes, but she was not injured.  The police theorize that the mother asked the child to go for help before she died. 

Neighbors said they heard a lot of banging noises and screaming on Sunday night, and have heard the same noises before.  They knew the child and mother lived alone and knew of no other person living in the home. 

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