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5-year-old Battle Creek girl missing after CPS wants to question mom

A 5-year-old girl that was being monitored by Child Protective Services is now missing from Battle Creek and CPS has no idea where she is. CPS states they left the state with her to “avoid having their fitness for parenthood questioned by CPS workers.”  They believe they may have fled the area about a month ago.

Authorities knew Haley Jane Elswick was last known to be living with her mom Cassandra Elswick  at the River Oaks Apartments, but they are no longer there.  The concern is that Cassandra may be with a known felon and substance abuser who was convicted of child abuse when he beat his own daughter with a wooden paddle. 

Also, Haley’s grandmother, Teresa Fletcher stated she has received posts on her Facebook page from others telling her they had seen Cassandra trying to buy heroin. 

WWMT was shown a Facebook page from October where Cassandra stated that she and Haley were fine and to leave them alone. 

Cassandra may be driving a green and tan Ford Explorer with Michigan plates DEH4830. 

If you see either one of them, please call the police at 269-966-3375.

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