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Rosemary Gullett 14 yrs Missing from Portland, Oregon FOUND

UPDATE 3/25/16 – I have received a few inquiries about Rosemary, from some people that think she is still missing to others concerned for her well-being, so I thought I would write an update.   Rosemary contacted me a few weeks back to let me know that she was fine.  I hesitated to tell anyone, because I didn’t want to step on her privacy, but with the inquiries, I believe it is okay to state a little bit.  
Rosemary is currently in foster care and her siblings are in foster care also.  She is happy.  Just know that she was very sweet and respectable in her note to me, and I thought she showed strength, bravery and a maturity wise beyond her years, concerning the situation.  I hope she checks back in with me to let us know how she is doing.  
To Rosie:  You touched a lot of hearts and we wish you the best. 
UPDATE:  1/16/16 According to Rosemary’s dad, Rosemary has been found:  David F. Gullett posted, “I want to reach out and; thank everyone for your Prayers and Support. Rosemary has been found. Several situations are still in play to provide an amiable return to home. Continued Prayers are appreciated , for the Plans to fall into place.”

Missing Rosemary Gullett, 14 from Portland, Oregon.  This message was found on Craigslist on Jan. 7, 2016. 
“This  is a public plea from my daughter – we’re trying to locate my granddaughter:  Hello my name is Maureen Gullett and my 14 year old daughter Rosemary Gullet disappeared 6 months ago.  She is missing and endangered and is presumed to have fallen into the hands of hcild trafficking criminals.  Since she disappeared I have found images of her online.  Her hair has been bleached blonde last then dyed red.  Last seen she had red hair kept in a bun however her looks are being regularly altered to hide her identity.  She is using an unknown alias however her real name is Rosemary Blue Gullett and her date of birth is 1/1/01.  There is a state wide hunt for her in Oregon however is is now presumed she has been taken out of the state.  I have begun a nationwide search.  I desperately need volunteers from every city in the US to post MISSING GIRL notices about Rosemary online.  From local Craigslist news posts to Facebook pages.  Please help me find my missing daughter.  Every day counts as she is 14, not in school and endangered.”   
Please see new information (screen shots) below on this case.
Freckles on her face and body, razor blade cut homemade tattoo on her left ankle, may have gotten other homemade tattoos since she disappeared, tall and thin build, full lips, pretty cat eyes, likes peg leg pants, iphone, social media, smokes marijuana regularly, drinks alcohol. Rosemary has many friends in Portland Oregon where she disappeared from that she contacts regularly on social media.
POSSIBLE LOCATIONS – Portland, Eugene, California, Arcata, Humboldt, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee, Nashville, Hawaii, Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth…If you live in any of these please copy this information and re-post in your town. Thank you! I’LL PAY A $1000 CASH REWARD TO ANYONE WHO CAN LOCATE HER!!! Rosemary Gullett was born on January 01, 2001, she was last seen on June 22, 2015 While she is naturally brown hair her hair was dyed blonde at the time of her disappearance.

Height: 5 feet 6 inches, weight: 130 pounds, eyes, hazel

Please Contact

Tipline: Portland Police Department
1-800-843-5678 1-800-THE-LOST
Or Local Police 911

Interestingly this information has been posted on social media about Rosemary.  I’ll let you make your own judgement call on it.  If Rosemary or her parents are reading this and would like to respond, please leave a comment below or send me a message.


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