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Tammy Mahoney missing from New York since 1981

6/27/16 – The FBI have set up a dig site on the  1100 block of Chestnut Ridge Road in Sullivan and they are not saying why, but there is speculation from the public they may be searching for Tammy. The FBI has searched before.  In March 2016, Oneida city police and the FBI searched for her body in a wooded area south of Route 46 in Oneida.

Original story:  Tammy Mahoney from New York was last seen hitchhiking near the Glenwood Shopping Center on state route 46 south of Oneida on May 8, 1981.

Tammy was living with her boyfriend on Lenox Avenue in Oneida.  She was studying at the State University of New York’s Morrisville campus in 1979 and 1980, but did not return to school in 1981, and got a job working as a groom at Vernon Downs.  She quit a week before she went missing but did not tell anyone.  She left that morning she went missing, just like she was going to work and in the past had hitchhiked to get to work.
Police have stated they think Mahoney was gang-raped and murdered at a party inside a trailer on the Oneida Indian National Territory after they received a tip that Tammy’s body was inside a building that burned down on Lenox Avenue on May 11, but no clues were found there.  Seven men were person’s of interest that are members of the Oneida Indian Nation, but authorities are stuck on the case and can’t file charges because they have no body and the individuals live on Indian land.  Also a wallet was found that is linked to Tammy’s case, and the police are asking to talk with the person that found the wallet again.

Then in 2002, a person wrote the name of the two suspects on a reward flyer for Tammy posted in a laundromat in Vernon.  The names of the suspects have never been released and the public does not know the names, so the authorities would like to talk to whoever put the names on the flyers.

Further investigation and police believe that Tammy’s body was actually put inside a car.  The car was believed to have been pushed into a pond that was later filled in.  Regardless, police don’t believe Tammy’s body was still in the car, but evidence may still be in the car.

There is a $10,000 reward for information.  Someone knows something and has even tried to let the police know but because of jurisdiction problems they are limited on what they can do, but if someone would come forward and with the information they needed to go forward with this case they would be eligible for the reward. Please call the police with any tips or leave an anonymous tip here.

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