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Austin Oldfield Missing from Woodland, Washington

Austin Oldfield

UPDATE 1/2817 – Posted by Austin’s sister, Pamela:

“Austin Oldfield mysteriously disappeared about a year ago in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest after what appears to be a failed hiking trip. The closest landmark was Bridge of the Gods. After an initial sighting, he became known as the Missing Man from Kentucky which was how he identified himself. Once we had a positive ID from this sighting, a massive on-the-ground search was launched. After the search turned up absolutely no clues, we were given little hope in terms of his ability to make it out of the remote area. His disappearance is unusual because of the lack of clues and captured the interest of the locals. However, we have just become aware of new information: that he got a ride out of the area which means he may still be out there. I am Austin’s sister and welcome any leads, thoughts or questions you may have.”  Visit the FB page which chronicles his story

Austin Oldfield Missing
October 05,2015 from Woodland Washington

Austin’s Car was found near Lone Butte in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, about 31 miles north of Carson

Austin Oldfield, went on a camping journey that he had planned ahead of time. He Said he would call home on October 01, 2015, though had not done so. His last contact was September 17, 2015. He failed to make contact on the 1st of October, police were called on October 4th. Austin is driving a black older model Saturn with Kentucky plates 378 PHX.

Recently Missing! Austin Oldfield , Last contact in Woodland, Washington on 9/17 beginning a two-week solo camping expedition in the national forest. Austin failed to return, did not make planned check-in contact on 10/1, officially listed as missing with Washington state authorities approx. 10/4 or 10/5. Austin’s vehicle has not been found either, a description is included in the post. Locating the vehicle would greatly help focus search efforts as well.

It is believed that his entry point to forest is Cougar, Wash.

“Jean Nicole is his girlfriend and her original posts and more pics are on her page – . I have been trying to help post as much as possible for her as she is getting only limited help from officials as they have not located the vehicle for an “official” starting point to start a search in the forest itself despite knowing his entry location. In addition, Austin had stated he was going to park his car somewhere out of main vision as he was planning to be camping for two weeks. Thank you so much for your attention! I have been in Jean’s place myself with a loved one and there are very few words that can begin to describe all the overwhelming emotions. Thank you to everyone!”

Austin is 5’6″ tall, 150 pounds with brown shoulder length hair and beard.  Scar on right shoulder, arm and wrist, please contact 502-643-6823

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