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Teen last seen walking into Scotia woods 11-years ago

Craig Allen Frear, 17, from New York was last seen on June 27, 2004 walking into the wood to go visit his ex-girlfriend.

He went behind the Cambridge Manor apartment complex in Scotia to head to her house to see her, but while he was there his mom called and told him she had just found out that he was not showing up at his job at the Price Chopper where Craig had been working. 

Craig actually lost his job there two months before and did not tell his parents.  He told his mom he would be home in 10 minutes.   His car was left in the parking lot.  Craig was never seen again.
Authorities believe Craig followed the paths in the woods that link the apartments to home on the Yorkshire Court in Schenectady.  Railroad tracks cut through that area but there was no evidence that someone was hit by a train.  The area was searched by man and dog and nothing has been found. 

Craig’s social security number has not been used and he has not paid taxes over the last 10 years.   

The only clue there is from two junior high kids said they saw him walking along the tracks away from where he parked his car. 

When Craig was last seen he was 5’11” tall, 190 pounds with red hair and brown eyes, dimples and sometimes wore a goatee and a gold chain with a St. Christopher medal. 

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