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Teen mom found, but baby still missing

Missing Person Washington

Leah Marie Lund was last arrested on June 7, 2019.  (See below)  What I don’t understand is why no one is talking about her missing baby anymore?  Was Hazel ever found?

A baby is still missing although her teen mother has been found.  Leah Marie Lund, 16, gave birth to Hazel sometime between Sept. 10-18 probably in Everett, Wash. and has not been seen by a doctor.  Lund who the sheriff’s dept. is calling an alleged heroin user was found Tuesday afternoon in south Everett, but she was without her baby.  At this time there is only a photo of the mother but no photo of the child.  Tiffany Sierts posted on social media, and she is listed as Leah Miller’s Facebook friend:

“Leah was homeless she wasn’t welcome at home her first baby was takin two years ago when she had him and now she didn’t want this baby takin so she did what she had to and ran, the baby is alive but won’t be for much longer unless Leah tells them where she is. Leah is scared. Drugs are a hard thing to get off of… I was once an addict and had a son while I was using thankfully I got sober when I had him.. Everyone stop being judgmental assholes and realize that addiction is a disease and it’s fucking hard to get over.  I love you Leah honey. Please tell them where she is!”

Also, there is speculation whether Leah was even pregnant.  Photos of her back in Sept. don’t give any clue.  We can only assume that the police would not be searching for a missing baby unless they were absolutely sure there was one, and not going exclusively by what someone else might have said.

At one point in 2014, Leah was in a relationship with Arsell Barquet.  Does he know anything?

If you know someone that has a newborn that seems suspicious, for example like someone suddenly acquiring a newborn, please contact the police at the Snohomish County Sheriff”s Office.  

Also, a newborn who was born addicted will cry quite a bit and have a different sort of cry than a regular baby.  

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