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Two 10-year-old boys find missing Florida woman

Two boys find a missing woman in the woods near where they live.

Matthew Thompson and Dawson Blume, both 10-years-old were outside playing when they saw the woman who turned out to be missing Romona Daugs, 55, who walked away from her home in Willoughby Acres, Fla. on Monday afternoon.  

There was a full-scale search for Romona but she was not located till the two boys found her on Wednesday.  Dawson’s mom told the boy’s to keep an eye out for the woman and sure enough she appeared near where they were playing. 

The boys said they ran and told Dawson’s mom they had found a woman.  Dawson’s mom saw her and realized it was probably missing Romona and knew just what to do.  She lead her from the woods and saw she was wearing only a sports bra and was scratched up and bleeding.  They put a shirt and towel on Romona and then called the police which took her to the hospital.

Thanks to two observant little boys, Romona is now safe and in the hospital being cared for.  
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