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Daughter finds mom’s true identity after checking the web to find out more about her past

Lee Jan Kratzer aka Lisa Neese

Lisa Neese had died from cancer in 2008, and her daughter Elizabeth from Memphis began to realize she really didn’t know that much about her mother.  After rereading her obituary, she found something funny about it that spurred her on to learn more about her mother, reports KATC News.

She began to search the web and then searched LSU’s missing and unidentified people website.  She was shocked when she came across a photo of Lee Jan Kratzer, who Elizabeth had always known to be Lisa Neese.

The Kratzer has been wondering what happened to their missing family member after their last contact in 1982.  The family received a call from Lee Jan Marie Kratzer from a New Orleans airport several years after she had left their Roanoke home.  The family drove to the airport to pick her up, but Lee Jan could not be located, and the family drove back home without her.  The family waited hoping to hear from here again and even hired a PI to look for her, but she had vanished.  An official missing person report was filed on Feb, 18, 2014.

Then Katherine Renee Kratzer, Lee Jan’s daughter receives a call from Sheriff Ivy Woods that has been contacted by Elizabeth Neese.  Woods wants Katherine to look at some photos.  When she did, she knew instantly they were her mother.

“I just burst into tears,” said Katherine.  “I knew it was her.”

Lee Jan Kratzer had gone by the name Lisa Neese for almost 26 years, and gave birth to Elizabeth in Memphis.

Authorities took DNA samples from both daughters and it was found that Elizabeth and Katherine were both her daughters.

Elizabeth’s hunch about her mother led her to something she never expected to find; a sister, and Sheriff Wood now can close a case that has been open for decades.

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