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14-year-old held captive and impregnated by man she met on Facebook

A 14-year-old girl is alive to tell the story that she was sexually abused daily, impregnated and held captive by someone she friended on Facebook,, all the while the man was wearing a monitoring device and being regularly checked by the sheriff dept.

Cody Jackson, 20, from Cincinnati met the teen on Facebook and arranged to have a taxi come pick her up because he could not leave his home because he was wearing a monitoring device.  He had sex with her and bought her a phone to use and rules to follow.  Then in March during one of her visits he didn’t allow her to leave. 

Sheriff’s spokesman Michael Robison stated,
“We conducted our typical unscheduled and unannounced home visits,” Robison said. “He was required to report weekly to his assigned officer, which he did, and he complied with all other conditions,” of his monitoring.

Federal authorities said in an affidavit that Jackson supposedly had a 20-year-old woman keep an eye on the girl and take her out of his apartment when he was checked by monitoring officials.

The teen whose name is being kept confidential was freed when her kidnapper fled the state after he was convicted on another case of kidnapping.

Jackson, was arrested on Oct. 8 at the Greyhound bus station in Salt Lake City. He faces charges of coercion, child pornography, rape, kidnapping and a whole bunch of sexual contact with a minor charges according to Deseret News. 

In the case he was convicted of he was traveling with two teens who willingly were with him in the beginning, but over a period of time he began to abuse them and not let them leave.  He was residing in Blue Ash, Ohio at the time.  You would think after he was arrested in August 2014 that he would have been held in jail during the trial, but he was able to pay the $100,000 bond to get out of jail, or more than likely someone paid it for him.  While he was out on bond, he continued his stalking on Facebook, until he lured the 14-year-old that he held captive.   

Just last week, Nicholas Kurtz, 21 of Springboro, Ohio is accused of using the internet to blackmail underage girls.  He was forcing them to provide him nude photos and videos of themselves.  Bryan Harris, 27, of Blue Ash, Ohio is accuse of harassing teens for sex and photos using Facebook to communicate with them.  

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