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Dixie the dog who protected an abandoned toddler in the woods is now missing

Workers at Waggin Tails Pet Resort in Jacksboro, Tenn. heard a crying sound and decided to investigate it.  They were shocked when they reached the sound to find a dog beside a 23-month-old baby that was in an hog pen that was covered with overgrown vegetation.  The dog came up to the workers and greeted them and wagged her tail, and followed them as they recovered the boy and took him back to the resort to call the police.  During all the commotion, the dog seemed to just disappear.

After an investigation it was found that Virginia Cora-Lee Sea, 25, was the baby’s mother and she had put the boy into the hog pen in the woods and left him there, telling the courts she was high at the time.  She has been charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect charge.  

The dog, who certainly deserves a juicy bone, has gone missing.  Authorities state that the dog, who was identified as Dixie and owned by Charles Pittman came across the child and stayed with him until he was found the following day.

Dixie was being watched by a neighbor while Charles was out of town and it appears she must have wandered off trying to find the origins of the crying herself, and when she realized it was a helpless baby in a diaper, she stayed with the child till help arrived.

Dixie is still out there and Pittman has been searching for her but can’t find her.  Is she out there looking for other children or Chris or has someone taken her not realizing she was not a stray dog?

Dixie looks like the photo above and if you have her, or have see her please call the Campbell County Animal Shelter at 423-566-1892.  

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