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Boy found wandering in Love Park reunited with parents

A two-year-old boy that was found wandering alone in Love Park in Pennsylvania has been reunited with his parents.

The boy was found alone on Friday night and then his parents reported him missing early Saturday morning.  The parents were sleeping in the park behind some cardboard walls with the little boy and his 4-year-old sister when the little boy wandered off.

Angelique Roland and Michael Jones told ABC 6 news that they had no where to go.  “I am not out here on the steeets with my kids on purpose,” Roland stated.

Since the news broke about the parents being homeless and jobless, offers have been coming in for jobs and shelter.  

Chosen 300 Ministries Inc. a homeless advocacy group launched a fundraiser to help raise the money to get the family into place and support while they get back on their feet.

The children are currrently with child support services. 

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