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Man calls news station and confesses he was with missing teen that was found dead under a porch over 30 years ago

A man called a news station and confessed to killing a 13-year-old Milwaukee girl that went missing in 1983.

Carrie Ann Jopek was stopped roaming the halls at her school, and her mother was called and Carrie was directed to go directly home, which was a block away, but instead she went someplace else.  Carrie never returned home and no one knew what happened to her until a year and a half later when her remains were found under the porch of a home.

Early this week, a man called WISN-12 News and told them that on the day Carrie went missing he was at a party with her.  A party that she had wanted to go to and the same party that her mom believes was the reason Carrie got herself suspended that day from school so she could go to it, reports WXOX news.  Joe Ferreira told the news station that Carrie and he were drinking and she fell going down the basement stairs and broke her neck.  He also stated he had sex with her but thought she was unconscience at the time.  When he realized she was dead he buried her under the porch. 

Carrie’s mother, Carolyn Tousignant said she knew the man who confessed, when he was a teenager and had seemed him over the years.  He had said that Carrie was haunting him.

Ferreira has been arrested.  

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