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David Waggoner mysteriously disappears from the wildest county in 1971

David Waggoner, 23,  was last seen in Pasadena, Texas around October 1, 1971. It is an approximate as his family hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks.  His mom went to his apartment and he was not there, but his motorcycle was gone.  Everything was left in his apartment except for his wallet and a 9 mm pistol.  An open box of bullets were found on the table and David’s car was parked at the apartment.

Two weeks late, David’s motorcycle, with his helmet was found in the woods just off U.S. 59 in San Jacinto County, about 70 miles north of Houston, near Cold Springs and Shepard.

According to the Doe Network, Waggoner’s family fears he might have run into terrible trouble in a county that, in 1971, was being ruled by Sheriff James “Humpy” Parker.   Parker and most of his deputies would later go to prison for abusing young men on U.S. 59.  Click here to read more.

David’s parents are now deceased and his older sister, Diana Sherbet still wonders what happened to her brother.

David at the time was 5’9, 150-160 pounds, with dark hair and brown eyes.  He wore dark rimmed glasses. He has a small vertical scars on both cheeks and a horizontal scar on his chin. He had two skull fractures and a broken collar bone from previous motorcycle accidents.  He is hard of hearing in his left ear.  He always wore a watch and always wore dress shirts and slacks, sometimes blue jeans.
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