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Could this photo taken by serial killer Rodney Alcala be missing Pamela Hobley?

Pamela Hobley
Is this a photo of Pamela Hobley?

The photo on the left turned up in the possession of serial killer Rodney Alcala.  Is it possible that the photo could be Pamela Hobley who went missing in 1969?

Pamela Hobley and Patricia Spencer who usually did not hang out together were on River Road in Oscada, Michigan walking together when they went missing on Halloween in 1969.  Someone in 2013, said he gave them a ride in 1969 to a gas station on River Road and US-23, but witnesses that could collaborate the story have since died, so police hit a dead-end.

Rodney Alcala born Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor in 1943 is a convicted rapist and serial killer.  He is also known as the Dating Game Killer as he appeared on the TV show.

Pamela Hobley

In 1969, the FBI put Rodney Alcala on its Most Wanted List, after he almost killed an 8-year-old Los Angeles girl in 1968.  He got away, by running out the backdoor when the police arrived.  He went underground and no one knew where he was but police found out later that in 1970 he ended up in New York where he enrolled in the NYU film school under the name of John Berger.

A collection of more than 1,000 photographs were found in Alcala’s home taken by Alcala himself of woman and young men.  Some of them were nude and sexually explicit photos.

One of those photos is the one above that a reader believes looks like Pamela Hobley.  Is it her or someone who has a strong resemblance?  The one of Pam Hobley is a school photo and the other of the unknown young woman was taken with a professional camera.  This could account for different lighting.  Both photos were taken around the same era,  which would account for the similarity with the hairstyles that was a popular style in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

120 of Alcala photos were released by the police in 2010, with a plea for help from the public to help identify the people in the photos.  Since then they have continued to resurface from time to time on the internet.  Around 21 women have been identified in the photos but there is 100 left that are not identified, which has the police wondering if they were victims of Alcala.

Although it may turn out that the photo is not of Pamela, you can take a look at the photos and see if you recognize anyone or if they remind you of someone that went missing during that time period.  Click to see photos here.

Is the photo above of Pamela Hobley and if it is, is there another photo that looks like Patricia Spencer?  Is it possible that they left together and traveled to New York where Alcala was known to be?

Alcala was convicted for five murders in California between 1977 and 1979.  It is speculated he could have murdered as many as 50 to 100 woman.  Alcala is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

If you have any information about either girls, please call the Oscoda Township Police Department at 989-739-9113.

6 thoughts on “Could this photo taken by serial killer Rodney Alcala be missing Pamela Hobley?

  1. Pamela Hobley is the individual in the photograph by killer Rodney Alcala with a 97% facial recognition match. – Forensic sketch and digital composite artist

    Additionally, before using any technology, the two individuals are verifiably the same person based on unchanging facial attributes specific to each person, regardless of angle and lighting.

    It comes as a baffling surprise that such an easy technological and/or trained eye connection hasn’t been verified (or attempted) in Hobson’s case since the facial recognition software and professionals can easily confirm these two women are one in the same. What are the odds of having the advantage of a killer’s personal photos to match with missing persons in such high quality, close-up and almost face-forward.

    Therefore, if some initiative were taken to link Pamela Hobson as a clear subject of Alcala’s film photography, then the Hobson investigation could at least be narrowed within the confines of Alcala’s missing victims.

    I would appreciate a response as to why such a concrete and highly reliable photo identification hasn’t been done to verify the above.

  2. I have gone to the Facebook page for Pam and Patricia to see if they have seen the two photos before. I will let you know what I have found out.

  3. Nothing. Never contacted back. Nothing new has come out. It’s no wonder so many cases go unresolved. This is not the only case that I have passed into to authorities and never received a response back.

  4. Thank you so much for looking into this! I too saw that they look alike, but can’t remember if I forwarded Pamela over to the investigators working on the Alcala case. I’m so glad you are getting in touch with them. The two look so similar that it haunts me from time to time… thinking of whether or not it will end up being Pam and if she ran into Alcala what happened to her???

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