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Missing retired trucker may be traveling with truckers or going to truck stops FOUND

UPDATE 10/30/15 –  Kingsport Police Department officers said that hunters found a decomposing body behind a business on Stone Drive Friday afternoon.  According to KPD, the body was found behind East Coast Wings & Grill, located at 2637 E. Stone Drive.

Posted on Gene Marshall’s missing Facebook page:  “While it hasn’t been confirmed by the medical examiner, the body found today was almost absolutely Gene’s. They notified our family and said that they can’t 100% confirm it, there are many reasons to believe that it is him. We know he is at peace now; please pray that our family and all of his friends find peace, too. We are thankful for the outpouring of love and support from all of you.”

A missing Tennessee man with Alzheimer’s may be trying to hitch a ride with truckers because he is a retired trucker himself.

Eugene Marshall from Kingsport has been missing since Sept. 17, 2015. 

“He is obviously familiar with the trucking industry.  Although he does have Alzheimer’s, one regresses back and when one regresses back, they usually go back in time from what we understand,” said McLellan a family friend.  “So we’re concerned that he might have gone to Mason and Dixon’s terminal, perhaps hitchhiked even which was familiar to people of his age, he’s 80 years old.”

The most recent tip is, “the dogs picked up a sent in the men’s bathroom in best buy (in Bristol) that he was there but they did not find him they are still looking.” was posted on Gene’s Facebook page.

The family plans to distribute flyer’s at truck stops and asks that the trucking community keep an eye out for him.  

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