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Two missing teens found dead inside minivan in Virginia

Two teens who were reported missing Friday morning, where found deceased on Saturday in side a minivan.

Indya Davis, 17 and Lyle Derringer, 17, left the 4400 block of Hamilton Drive in Woodbridge by car.  Authorities searched near Dawson Park and found a minivan that belonged to the family with both teens in the back of the van suffering from injuries, but would not discuss what those injuries were.  The doors were locked and once the van was opened they found the teens were deceased.

Davis’ brother confirmed to News4 that Davis and Ferringer were in a relationship. They had gone to middle school together and had dated for the past three years.

Although the circumstances seem alarming and we can only speculate if they were a victim of a cry, at this time, the police are stating that this was not a random act.  Does that mean that these two teens committed suicide?  They both were reportedly well-rounded and happy according to family and friends, and the whole situation is confusing and does not make any sense.   

The cause of death is unknown at this time and an autopsy will be done, reports WUSA 9 news.


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