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13-year-old boy missing for a week from Washington FOUND

UPDATE:  Mom posted that her son has been found and then NBC News posted he was found, too.  Jesus  found around 9 p.m. Monday night after a boy saw that he was missing on the news.  He led Jesus’ parents to where Jesus was.  Although we don’t know the boy’s name, a shout out to you, young man for stepping up and coming forward.  Thanks from MPofA, that was a very good thing you did!

Original story:  A 13-year-old boy has gone missing from Washington and has not been seen since last Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015.

Jesus Lara went to Park Middle School in Kennewick on Tuesday but he never returned home.  Jesus has gone missing before for six hours when he was 12 and was found at Red Apple, but this time Jesus has been missing for 6 days.

Plus, Jesus was diagnosed with depression and ADD and was taking medication. 

According to ABC Fox news, in a case that police label as a runaway, it stays open for 30 days then pushed to a detective, who qualifies it as a missing person.  There was no explanation if there is any search done before the 30 days time period or if the child is entered into the NCIC database or information passed to NCM&EC.

If you have any information regarding Jesus, please call the Kennewick Police Dept. at 509-585-4208.

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