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Dallas woman abducted and forced to take drugs and succumb to a “blood ritual”

Mercedes Salazar

A Dallas woman described to police her abduction that included a blood ritual and forced to take drugs when she was rescued last month.

The 25-year-old woman that has not been identified was rescued by police when she was able to phone her mother who in turn called the police. The woman had been tied to a chair for most of the  three days of being held against her will in a San Antonio home last month.

The day she called her mother was when one of her captors untied her from the chair so she could go to the bathroom and when she returned the person had fallen asleep.  She used that opportunity to phone her mother, who called the police.

Authorities have identified Mercedes Salazar, 32, as the woman along with three others who abducted the woman and forced her to take drugs.  They also cut her hair and took blood from her to perform what was called a “blood ritual,” although James Keith, spokesman for the Bexas County Sheriff’s Office is confused as to what they were attempting to do.

James Cerda, Teanna San Nicolas and Tristan Smith, have
also been arrested in connection with the kidnapping,
officials in the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said.

When the Sheriff’s Dept. arrived at the house after the phone call my the woman’s mother, the woman cried out for help, which caused the captor to threaten her with a knife and scissors.  The police busted down the door and disarmed the person.  Two suspects were apprehended over the next few days and charged with aggravated kidnapping.  Salazar was the last one to be found and was arrested just last week.

Salazar stated she believe the woman she allegedly kidnapped had played a role in the murder of her brother last August, but authorities found no connection.

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