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Remains found in backyard of Texas home, police search for past owner of home

Christopher Brian Colbert, a former photojournalist and entrepreneur from Dallas, is set for Nov. 5.  Colbert is accused of strangling Oak Cliff native Ron Shumway to death, binding him with neckties and burying his body under concrete. He also is accused of forging Shumway’s identity to sell his house. Police say Colbert admitted to killing Shumway when they were drunk because he was afraid his friend would kill him.

UPDATE:  10/30/15 – The police have stated that the deed signed on June 22 for the sale of his house has Shumway’s signature on it, but they believe that the signature was forged.

The notary, Patricia Bramhal whom notarized the signature works in North Dallas, told NBC5 news that she didn’t remember meeting Shumway.   We will have to wait till her ledger that is required by law for her to keep, is looked over to find out if Shumway’s name is in there or not.

The chain of what happened with the house goes like this:

A Warranty deed dated June 22 lists Sean Chien, a realtor in Plano as the deed recipient for Shumway’s house.

Chien signed over the property to Alpha Investment Properties in Plano, then on July 10, someone paid off the $56,000 plus lien on Shumway’s property that was put on by a private construction company back in 2002.  On July 13, Alpha 8 signed over the property to Donna Savariego Homes.  On Aug. 10, Donna Savariego Homes signed the property over to True Option Realty.  The Dallas Central Appraisal District states the market value of the house is a little over $159,000.

Also, the Dallas Voice found Facebook messages Shumway posted in May saying he had moved to Austin to live with a new boyfriend.

Ron Shumway (Facebook)

In April he was still in Oak Cliff.

 Original story:

Remains have been found in the backyard of a Texas home.

Ronald Shumway was last seen in April on 725 N. Winnetka Avenue in Oak Cliff and was known by his neighbors to be loud and obnoxious.  Subsequently the police were summoned to his home many times for disturbances including a Crisis Intervention Team response.  Then during the summer everything grew quiet.

Shumway posted on Facebook on April 24, and he went to work at DART where he was a bus driver on April 24, but never came back after that.

Then on September 24, the new owner of Shumway’s house found something odd in the backyard.

“He saw a rib cage in a plastic bag, encased in concrete,” Chris Cook, a neighbor told WFAA news.

Dallas Police collected the remains and are in the process of figuring out who the remains belong to and they are asking for help to find Ron Shumway.  At this point, no one knows if the remains are of Shumway or another person.

Real estate records show that the house was put up for sale on June 24 by VIP Realty and the listing was removed on August 17.  Other records show the house sole on August 11.  If you have any information, please call the Dallas Police at 214-671-3624.

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