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James Hubert likely helped by the homeless, not beat up by them

James Hubert before his attempt to mimic James Bond

James Hubert, 24, a Georgia Tech senior went missing on Friday, Oct. 16, after an off-campus sorority dance in Atlanta.  Friends using “Find My iPhone” found him lying along a railroad track on Monday.

He was severely injured and it took several days before James could speak and when he did he told media that he had gotten off the train at a stop and was beaten up by a group of homeless men.

Now, we our finding out that may not have been what actually happened.  It seems that James actually jumped off a bridge and tried to land on a moving train, that Friday night.

And we are now finding out that curiously, he was found covered up with coats with his shoes placed next to his body.  The young man, who was half paralyzed by his fall, and could not move, was laying face down on the ground with coats on top of him.   Is it possible that the homeless men he accused of beating him up, actually came to his aid and covered him up with coats and left his shoes near him?  Maybe at the time they thought he was passed out drunk and did not know he was injured because he could not speak. 

James Hubert after.  Ouch!

James was gone for 55 hours and for most of that time, he likely laid where he fell after his attempted “James Bond” like movie stunt that is seen in the beginning of SkyFall.  It seems he failed miserably and landed on the ground resulted in massive head and spine injuries.

Also, it is now coming out that according to  one of James’ friends,  James was using recreational drugs and likely drunk when he tried the stunt.

The Atlanta Police Dept. also reported yesterday that James was not on the MARTA system at the time he said he was after reviewing surveillance video.  

It is possible that James saw the homeless men and was confused and thought they were responsible for his injuries?  It is more than likely their actions helped keep him alive by covering his body to keep him warm as he laid on the cold earth until he was found. 

It is without a doubt that the action of James’ friends saved his life, but I am willing to bet that there were some homeless angels that also helped, too.

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