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Day: October 31, 2015

Missing woman had been killed, burned and dumped in the Biloxi River

A Gulfport woman that was reported missing on September 25, was found deceased on October 7, 2015.  She had been killed, burned and her remains dumped in the Biloxi River. After Harrison county Coroners identified her remains as Tina Marie Broadus, through their investigation, the Gulfport Police Dept. along with five other agencies were able […]

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Skeletal remains found in pond after car was found sticking out of the water

A car that was spotted partially sticking out of a pond in Oregon has lead to a person missing for eight years. Authorities are stating a drought in Junction City caused the water level in the pond to lower which in turn caused the car to become visible.  The lack of rain in the area […]

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Skeletal remains found in Texas may be of teen as the skull had braces IDENTIFIED

UPDATE 8/31/16 -Dental records were used to identify Alejandro Arzola, 32, a father of two who went missing June 20 after he totaled his truck along Northwest Highway near a Stemmons Freeway on-ramp, as the remains found in Oct. 2015. UPDATE 11/2/15 – The body is of a male. A body that was found in […]

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BJ Beam Hughes missing from South Carolina since 2000

Billie Jo Beam-Hughes, 20, lived on Thornwood Drive in Willamston, S.C. with her disabled mother Laura, who was blind.  Billie Jo went by the nickname of BJ and she told her mother she was going to the beach with her friends.  She did not return home and Laura heard about 10 days later that she […]

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Sonny Schoenen 23 yrs Missing from San Gabriel Valley FOUND

Angela Schoenen has posted that Sonny has been found. Original story:  Sonny Schoenen is being sought.  His fiance is worried and his family and friends do not know where he is. Angela Schoenen last saw him in the Murieta Southwest courthouse on Oct. 28, 2015. She had met with friends that saw him on that Wednesday […]

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