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Skeletal remains found in pond after car was found sticking out of the water

A car that was spotted partially sticking out of a pond in Oregon has lead to a person missing for eight years.

Authorities are stating a drought in Junction City caused the water level in the pond to lower which in turn caused the car to become visible.  The lack of rain in the area caused the pond to be lower that it has been in 10 years. 

Once the vehicle was taken out of the water, the police ran the plates and found the car belonged to Linda Lee Perry, 59, who was last seen in Nov. 2007, after she left her house to go shopping in Springfield.

A dive team was sent into the water and they found skeletal remains that were later identified as belonging to  Linda. Police believe that Linda was heading west when she ended up in the pond and because there is a guardrail around it, they went back to check their records but do not show any damage on the guardrail at the location.  Because the pond is owned by the state and its use is to capture and hold storm water, their is very little done at the location other than someone who occasionally mows, said the Sheriff’s Detective Carl Wilkerson.

Because the lack of rain in the area the pond is currently lower than it has been in 10 years. 

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