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Alex King and Tatianna Diz missing from Asheville; car found with blood inside FOUND

Missing Person Asheville

UPDATE 11/6/15 –  On Friday morning the body of Tatianna Diz was located and recovered from the French Broad River by members of the Asheville Fire Department and the Henderson County Technical Rescue Team.  She was found near the same area as Alexandra King.

UPDATE  11/5/15 – Police Chief Hooper stated that a body that was pulled out of the water in French Broad River on Thursday afternoon has been identified as Alex. The search continues for Tati.

UPDATE 11/5/15 – Police Chief Tammy Hooper has asked that anyone who may have been in the area from Emma Road to Haywood Road between 8-11 p.m. Tuesday to contact the police with information, even if the detail did not seem suspicious.

“Any and all leads and tips will be followed up by our detectives,” Hooper said.

UPDATE:  11/4/15 –  News has come out from a warrant that Griffin’s girlfriend was housesitting an apartment directly across from the apartment where King and Diz were living. Griffin showed up and told her “he had done something bad.” and wanted her to leave with him, but she would not go.  Griffin was spotted later driving Johnson’s Ford Excursion and led the police on a chase that resulted in Griffin being shot.  Griffin was released from Spartanburg Regional Hospital on Tuesday and booked into the Buncombe County Jail.

Original story:  Blood found in an abandoned Volkswagen and a gunshot hole in the headrest has caused concern for the safety of missing Alexandra Brooke King and her partner, Tatianna Diz from North Carolina.

“APD’s utmost priority is to find these girls,” Christina Hallingse from the Asheville Police Department said.

Rescue crews searched the French Broad River off Craven Street where they found King’s car on October 28.  At this time they cannot put divers in the water because of the current.

Police are investigating whether there is a connection with their disappearance and with Pierre Griffin who is currently in Buncombe County Jail on charges in the murder of Uhon Johnson that happened the same night as King and Diz went missing.  Alex and Tati were last seen around 9 to 10 p.m. Tuesday leaving their residence at Canterbury Heights Apartments.

On Monday night, the Asheville Police Department was notified of a Facebook post claiming to have seen King.   Detectives immediately began to investigate the claim and made contact with the individual responsible for the posting.  At this time there has been no follow up if the tip was good or not.

The Facebook page Search Team to Tatianna and Alex is forming a search team that will begin very soon. (As of 11/5/15 the search is being done and a call for donations for searches is being asked for.  If you can help search of donate, please click on the link above to go directly to the page.)   The page asks, “Everyone who hasn’t already, please send me your contact information and availability through the middle of next week so we can organize this in an easy and effective fashion.”

There is also a Facebook page called Justice for Tati and Alex ran by Tati’s mother for updates, that seems to have a lot of drama and name calling on it.  (11/5/15: The page has been removed – “There are plenty of pages where Pam, my sister, can continue communications regarding Asheville corruption. The page was not originally created by Pam and so it was not her decision to keep it open or not. FB did not forcibly remove the page. The rest of the Diz family removed the page ourselves so that it will stop causing pain and confusion for the families and their supporters. We encourage supporters to post on this page “Search Team for Taitanna  and Alex” and to check here for updates. You’re welcome to message me personally with any concerns.” – Sabrina Diz)

King is described as 5’11” tall, 120-130 pounds, with short brown hair, a tattoo of a lightning bolt on her right arm and gauges in her ears. Diz is described as 5’2″ tall, 100 pounds with brown curly hair on one side of her head and the opposite side shaved and dyed blonde.

A post  below on the Facebook page outlines what happened to Billy King who was killed in 2006, along with a comment from another woman who said her son was shot.  No one is stating that Tati and Alex were involved in drugs at all or that the cases are related, but only shows there seems to be a lot of violence in Asheville .

Alex King

Justice For Billy Lee King

16 hrs · Edited ·

“Billy was picked up from his house by a female and male that he knew well. His mother said good bye to him that morning not knowing that it would be her last time speaking to him. He was took behind oakley school and shot execution style. His lifeless body was then dumped in the woods off behind the school. A lady that lived in a near by house found him and it was a few hours later that my aunt his mom seen it on the news and had to go identify his body. During the investigation asheville police could only say thay it was drug related. The back seat to the car was found later in a dumpster that did have my cousins blood on it. So that told us that he was killed inside the car. After months and months of investigation. The asheville police dept apparently lost evidence. There are drug lords and mafia in asheville that are trying to cover there dirty work. The family knows who had him killed but noone wants to stand up to a official. we cant find anyone who will help either. (Which im not going to release a name) because i will keep trying to get billys story out there until someone pays. This man needs to stop using these young kids to sell his drugs and do his dirty work. Tatiana and alexs case may be different but the way that billy was killed its just to much alike. I just hope they dont loose tatiana and alexs evidence.” 

Pierre Griffin

In response a post reads:

Lisa Reed – “This happens all the time with APD my child was shot last year thanksgiving and the guys are still running the streets!! Everyone in Asheville knows who shot her but they Dont want to talk but I bet if it was your family member you would want someone to tell!!! End the end all this hood and gang shit needs to stop you think your child is not doing wrong I bet that is a lie!!!”

We can only hope that Tati and Alex are alive and will be found soon.  

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