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Siblings ask for info to help find their long-lost sister who was last seen in the 80’s

Patty was put up for adoption and her siblings lost track of her in the 80s.  Patty was sent to live with family in North Dakota in 1979, brought back to Oklahoma and ending ultimately in DHS custody in 1980-1981. In 1981 Patty would have been 16.  Her siblings are now trying to find her.  April, one of Patty’s sisters, wrote this about Patty:

“Patty was born Patricia Lynn Taylor on November 23, 1965 in California. Patty’s home situation was not the most ideal and out of concern for her safety Patty was sent to live with relatives in Grand Forks Air Force base in North Dakota. 

After six short months she was taken back to Oklahoma and left with a children’s home in El Reno, OK. From there it is believed that she possibly went to Whitaker Children’s Orphanage in Pryor, Ok, then to Lloyd E Rader in Sand Springs, then to Owasso Children’s Baptist Home. There they do have confirmed a hand-written record of her being put into Tulsa DHS custody and that is where our paper trail ends. 

It was years later we learned about the Lloyd E Rader Facility in Sand Springs, OK. We also have an envelope showing the return address she sent a letter from which read Rt 2 Box 9 Sand Springs, OK. Later confirmed to belong to a Bonnie and Jim Johnson. 


We are currently seeking Jim (James Robert Johnson) to see if he has any recollection of her; Bonnie has denied knowing who she was. A few inside people at DHS have searched through records to try to find a match coming up with nothing. We have also learned that Whitaker files before 198(?) were destroyed in a flood.

Currently there is a search service actively looking for her. Social media sites and pages that are helping to spread the word. Patty has missed so much and we have missed so much without her. She would have known of three possibly four other siblings at the time she was sent to North Dakota.

The adoption documentation is a paper that Patty’s sister
Carolyn received when she contacted DHS about
Patty’s whereabouts. They advised her they had
record of her being in their custody but that she’d
never been adopted out.
  Patty wasn’t
ever technically put up for adoption,
she was just sent to live w/family.

Two of those siblings have passed away (Carl and Carolyn) and there are two more younger ones (Loritha, Frank, Misty and April). Patty also has a half-sister Rhonda from her Father’s side that is looking for her as well. I have been actively looking for her for about 4 years. We all have missed her all along.”

If you have any information about Patty, please go to the”Searching for Patricia Lynn Taylor Facebook page,” or leave an anonymous tip here.  

Facebook page for Patty

4 thoughts on “Siblings ask for info to help find their long-lost sister who was last seen in the 80’s

  1. I would like to add that Patricia’s state records indicated the following timeline and physical traits:

    Physical updates:
    There was an “S” tattoo on her right arm, birthmark on her right knee in the shape of a small circle, and an old scar on her right thigh where she’d been cut. I want to confirm green eyes instead of hazel and she DID have braces.

    She was brought back from North Dakota to Canadian County Shelter in May 1979 to June 1979
    Lloyd E Rader from June 1979 to Sept 1979
    Owasso Baptist Children’s Home Sept 1979 to Sept 1980
    Whitaker Orphanage Sept 1980 to June 1981
    Taft June 1981 to July 1981
    Tulsa Girl’s Group Home July 1981 to August 1981 then she ran away.
    Ran away- August 1981
    Case was closed with DHS in December of 1983 when she would have aged out.

    Thank you!

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