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7-year-old New Mexico boy taken from hospital with catheter still hooked up to him

Joshua Brown was found in a Juarez Hospital that his father took him to.

The University of New Mexico police are searching for a 7-year-old boy that was taken from the hospital on Wednesday, by his father.

Joshua Brown has a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) that goes from his arm to his heart on him.

“According to the doctors, it is attached close to the heart and it’s prone to blood clots,” Lt. Stump told KRQE news.  “Without the proper removal and proper care, it could be life threatening.”

Joshua was last seen at the play area of the pediatrics units a the UNM Children’s Hospital with his sibling and his father, Jeffery D. Brown when he went missing.

A video shows Joshua with his dad and sister and his dad’s girlfriend in an elevator around 5 p.m.


It was later found out that Brown was angry at the hospital for the way they were treating his son and was planning on taking the boy to the hospital in Juarez, Mexico.

“It finally came down to the point where my son was afraid he wasn’t getting any straight answers and was afraid his son wasn’t getting proper medical care,” Brown’s father, Douglas Brown told KOB news.

Police went to the address on Brown’s driver’s license but it just took them to a storage unit.  Douglas stated that Brown had talked to the police and told them he was taking the boy to Mexico but none of that has been verified at this time.

A missing and endangered child alert has been put out for Joshua Brown.  If officers find the boy is getting medical care at a different facility, they may quash the warrant, Stump said. “Our big concern is the help for the child,” he said.

If you have any information about the case, please contact the University of New Mexico Police Dept. at 505-277-2241.

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