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Gina Dawn Brooks, 13, missing since August 1989 from Missouri

gina dawn brooks

Gina Dawn Brooks, 13, went missing on August 5, 1989 rom Fredericktown, Missouri.  Gina had been to her brother’s ballgame and was seen home that night by her brother who was playing video games.  She left again around 10 p.m. and was last spotted riding her bike near a local church.

Authorities investigating her disappearance were told they saw a station wagon pull up next to Gina after pursuing her.  The station wagon was a battered light gray, green or blue station wagon with Missouri plates.  She got on her bike after the person talked with her and she road south on Mine La Motte.

They thought that she was eventually abducted near a tree on High Street.  The police went to that area and found Gina’s bike.   Witnesses heard screaming and squealing tires, and saw a station wagon speeding and turning left onto Franklin Street.   TJ Kennedy, Gina’s boyfriend and Chad Morgan a friend said they heard Gina screaming, “help me” and TJ’s name from the back of the car.  The station wagon drove towards US 67 and the trail ended.

Three men were implicated in Gina’s disappearance.  Nathan “Danny” Williams was charged with her murder in 1999, after a witness said he was the man in the back seat of the station wagon.  Bryant Squires was identified as the driver.   Before he died of cancer he allegedly made a confession that Williams and he abducted Gina.

Timothy Bellew, a friend of Squires and Williams claimed Gina was buried in an abandoned meat freezer on his father’s property, but searches of the area never found anything.  Belle’s was charged with murder but dropped for lack of evidence in 1999.

Police are looking at Cynthia Wofford to see if she is connected to the case as of October 2015.

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