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Austin Taylor, Columbia University Student missing in NYC

UPDATE:  11/27/15 –  As of this date, Austin still has not checked in with family, per their Facebook post.

UPDATE 11/14/15 – After the Paris attack yesterday I thought of Austin.  According to my source his parents who live in Texas still have not heard from him and they are hoping that he was someone in Paris far from the attack or has continued his travels to another part of Europe.  So, I decided to post on Twitter this following message,”Austin Taylor from NYC last known whereabouts Paris please call parents to let know you are safe.”  I was surprised to find the next morning that it was going viral.  Then this article was done today by NBC news.

UPDATE:  11/11/15 – The person that asked me to post that Austin was missing, has stated his passport was scanned in Paris.  His mom, Lee Barnes still has not talked with her son, though.

Posted in the Columbia’s General Studies Facebook page:   “While we have not heard from Austin Taylor, the detective on his case has informed us that his passport was scanned in Paris. Therefore, we are officially calling off the search,” Lee Anne Barnes, Taylor’s mother, said in a statement to Spectator.

Original story:  Austin Taylor went missing from New York City on November 2, 2015.  Austin is a student at Columbia University.

He was last seen on 543 East 5th Street, in the East Village.

In 2013, the Columbia Spectator reported that Taylor had resigned his position on the General Studies Student Council because of a “personal matter.” He had served as the Vice President of Finance.

Please call the police at 212-477-7809.

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