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English Teacher at Silverado High School is missing from Apple Valley

English teacher missing from Apple Valley

UPDATE:  11/24/15 –   Coco was found back on Highway 18 near Bear Valley Road on November 1st. The woman that found him put an ad for lost dogs and a friend of Christina’s mother found the ad last week.   The dog was located about 70 miles away from where Bastian’s truck was found abandoned and a few miles from where Christina was last seen, according to the Bastian family.

Original Story:  Christina Bastian, 34, was last seen on Halloween, October 31, 2015 at a friends house near Apple Valley, Calif.  She left the following day with her Maltipoo dog named Coco, but left behind her glasses, wallet and identification.  The next day Christina’s belongings were found along Highway 247 near Lucerne Valley.  Her Dodge Ram pickup track was found abandoned on a dirt road off Highway 62 in Morongo Valley.  Christina has just purchased the truck and when it was found it had dents on both sides.

Christina’s mom, Cheryl Denny,  tells NBC News that Christina was a high school teacher at Silverado High School.  She was finishing her Master’s degree, but also going through some hard times as she had just been in a car accident that totaled her car.  She also was feeling as though someone was watching her as she thought her apartment had been broken into.  She went to the extreme of driving over her cell phone with her car.

On the day Christina went missing, Cheryl got a call from Christina and she told her mom she was in Phoenix.  Then later that afternoon Christina was seen at a Halloween church event where her mom is the Pastor.

Cheryl is worried that Christina is not of sound mind as she stopped taking her medication that she has been on for years.  She wants to get her help but she has to find her first.  She may have gone to a homeless shelter.

Cheryl Denny posted:   “I know I shouldn’t let this bother me…. but, last I checked NO one is perfect and we ALL have flaws. Why are people so afraid of Bipolar Disorder? It is not contagious people and a person with bipolar is not a dangerous person except to themselves. Please, let us be aware that we all have issues and problems, and the only answer to those difficulties is the Lord. He is the only perfect one, and the one who helps us live life in the good times and the difficult times.”

Christina is 5’6” tall, 170 pound with strawberry blonde/reddish hair and brown eyes, and a tattoo on her lower leg (photo above).

If you see her please call the Apple Valley Police Dept at 760-240-7400

Help Find Christina Bastian

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