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Search for 91-year-old Pepsi John known as the Pepsi man from Ohio FOUND

UPDATE:  11/16/15 – Pepsi John was found deceased in his car on Monday.  The car was found  Ohio route 646 in Harrison County. It was located in a 3 foot hole about 30 feet into Harrison County off a small township road near Ohio 646 on a farm. Aauthorities believe Mathes’ vehicle became stuck in the hole shortly after he went missing on Nov. 2.

Original story:  In Ohio, a highway sign let’s the public know that 91-year-old John Mathes is missing from Wintersville. 

The sign beams “Missing Adult, OH LIC # 1PEPSI, Gray Buick Lucern”

Matthew went missing last week while driving his 2007 gray Buick Lacross.  The family believes that Mathes just might be doing his old route when he was a deliveryman for Pepsi years back.

“As soon as they see the license plate 1Pepsi, follow that plate and call 911.  Don’t wait to get home, call us as soon as you see the plate,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla told News Net 5.

Pilot Bob Mieczkowski has been looking for Mathes via his airplane.

“I’ve probably got between 2,000 to 2,500 air miles in the past 5 days, just looking for that vehicle,” Mieczkowski told WTOV9 News.

The police have already done a ground search for Mathes, along with hundreds of volunteers that helped search for a man that many have a special fondness for, as he has touched there lives and call him Pepsi John. 

“If he would remember anything, if anyone was able to talk to him, he would remember he worked for Pepsi,” his granddaughter Allison Eastham said. “I mean, he is the Pepsi man. Everybody knows him as Pepsi John.”
 He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a burgundy pin-striped shirt and a beige jacket.

If you see John or his car with the PEPSI plate, please follow behind and call 911.  

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