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Senior couple withdraws large sum from Healdsburg bank and disappear FOUND

UPDATE:  11/11/15- 10:30 p.m. Tuesday the Walko’s were found safe at a Paso Robles motel.  A woman called the police and said the couple flagged her down at a rest stop and asked for directions to the hotel.

The Walko’s told the police they were on a mini-vacation and were going to return on Wednesday.  Because the Walko’s do not have a cell phone their son was not able to reach them to find this information out and after the bizarre events before they went missing he was legitimately worried about them. 

Original Story:  Authorities are looking for a California senior couple that withdrew a large amount of money from the bank and then went missing.

Szaboics “Sam” Walko, 85, and Maria Walko, 90, who live on Maureen Lane in Rohnert Park called for an ambulance to come to their home.  Sam told the EMT’s that his wife was having a medical emergency, but she had improved since the call, reports KTVU news.  EMT’s told Sam to take Maria to the hospital to be sure she was fine and they left.  They also called the couple’s son and advised him of the situation. 

The son who lives in Hungary called the police the following day and told them he was checking on his mother after the phone call he got the day before, but he could not reach her or his father.  Police went to the home and found the car was gone.  Further investigation led them to a bank in Healdsburg where a video shows the couple taking out money on Monday afternoon.  While there they told the teller that Maria had a doctor’s appointment.  Police checked on that information and found out it was not true. 

The couple’s house is in escrow and were planning on moving after the sale.  They have also missed a meeting with a real estate agent and a moving company on Tuesday reports the Press Democrate. 

Now the police are asking for the public’s help to locate Maria and Sam.  They may still be in Healdsburg or they could be traveling to Canada where they have dual citizenship.

They could be driving a faded green 2001 Toyota Camry, with plates 4NHV446. Sam Walko is 5-foot-10, 146 pounds with gray hair and blue eyes and Maria Walko stands 5-foot-1, 108 pounds with gray hair and brown eyes.

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