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Oceanside woman recovered after apparent kidnapping

A 23-year-old Oceanside (San Diego County) woman has been found today after her parents received a ransom note for her return.

Briana Hagen was living with her parents until 10 days ago when she left after they got into a fight.  She drove off in her silver Toyota Echo.  She was not talking with her parents so it was not known where she was during that time. 
A 911 phone call came into the police on Wednesday from a citizen who stated they saw a woman being pushed into the trunk of a car in San Marcos.  While investigators were looking into this event, Briana’s parent received another phone call telling them of a change in the drop off location, and they were to go to a convenience store in Vista.

The San Diego Police Dept. statemen tread:

On November 10th, 2015, at about 10:50 PM, two people saw a male and female arguing at Montiel Park, 2290 Montiel Road, San Marcos. The male forced the female into the trunk of a gray/silver Nissan Altima and hit her in the head twice with the trunk lid as he closed it. A black Chevrolet pick-up truck, occupied by another male and female arrived at the same time as the Altima and parked near it. One witness called 911 and moved his vehicle so his headlights lit up the Altima and the Altima and pick-up truck drove away. The witnesses did not see license plate numbers and could not describe the subjects. Deputies checked the area, but were unable to find the vehicles or occupants. 

Then on Tuesday evening her parents received a ransom note and a phone called telling the parents they wanted between $1000 and $2000 for the return of Briana.  Briana’s parents were told to meet them at a shopping center in Oceanside, reports CBS 8 news.

The SDPA statement read:

On November 11th, 2015, at about 5:00 AM, San Marcos Deputies were told about a missing person’s case by Oceanside Police who shared that at about 1:42 AM, a 23-year-old woman was reported missing from her parent’s home. The parents called police after they got calls demanding ransom money or their daughter would be killed.

A deputy arrived there around 3 a.m. and saw Briana inside.  When he approached a man ran out of the business into a waiting car and drove off. 

The SDPD police statement read:

 The woman was found, unharmed, at a convenience store in Vista at about 3:00 AM. She was interviewed by Oceanside Police who determined she was the subject in the trunk of the Nissan Altima in San Marcos. The relationship between the victim and the other subjects involved has yet to be determined.

Briana was fine, except for a bump on her head she said she got when she was put into the trunk of the car. 

The SDPD police statement read:

Sheriff’s Detectives tried to contact the victim for a statement, but she has been unavailable. The investigation is ongoing.

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