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Family shares with Facebook the new gravestone for the McStay family

“Riding the waves in Heaven” is what is scripted on the headstone of The McStay family.  Joey McStay, and his wife, Summer and their two children, Joey Jr. and Gianni went missing in 2010.  This is the two year anniversary of finding them.  On November 14, 2013, their bodies were found buried in the desert.

On social media the photo of the gravestone at El Toro Memorial Park was shared with followers of Search 4 McStays Facebook page.

“Although you are departed from this earth, you will truly never leave us, for you remain in our hearts and will be forever loved.”

Patrick McStay stated, “So you all can see, Michael (Patrick’s son) has posted pictures of the McStay Family Headstone that he and his Mother arranged for.  I have someone working to post the pictures here so you all may see the headstone. I find it very well done and although I had nothing to do with it, I am very pleased with the way it turned out.”

Last year, the McStay family was under scrutiny by a blogger for having  a small gravestone, which garnished a lot of hateful comments towards the father and brother of Joey McStay.  Thankfully that blogger has since shut down his blog.  What he didn’t know at the time, and frankly was none of his business to know, was that a large gravestone had been commissioned.

Many followers of the case have been waiting for the trial of Chase Merritt who has been charged for the murder of the McStay family to begin.  Many hearings have been delayed by the defense team several times.  The next hearing is scheduled for  December 8, 2015.


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