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Police digging in the woods for man missing since 2007 from North Carolina

This week a crew has been digging in the woods behind a commercial space in hopes to find a man from North Carolina that has been missing since 2007.

James “Jimmy” Huff was last seen feeding cows near Oak grove Baptists Church in April 2007.  He was a cattle border and sold cows out of state.  He truck was found abandoned about 10 minutes away from an office pace he rented on Palmer Road in the Beulah area where the crew is digging now.

“I’m hoping that they don’t find a body and my brother is still alive and he comes home,” Phyllis Wilkinson, Huff’s sister told Fox news.

Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson confirmed to the Mount Airy News that officers are searching for the body of a man missing since April 26, 2007 and are excavating land near Round Peak Church Road.   No word on what tipped them to dig in that area.


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