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7-year-old abducted and murdered in Kentucky

UPDATE:  The police have arrested Timothy Madden, 38, from Scottsdale for the murder and kidnapping of Gabriela.  Police searched Madden’s property on Mount Carmel Church Road the night Gabriela was found deceased.  Police stated during the news conference on Friday that  the arrest came from a tremendous amount of teamwork.

Timothy stated that he was sorry for the family’s loss, “but it was not me.”

Original Story:  A 7-year-old girl that was at a high school football game went missing around 7:40 p.m. according to the Kentucky State Police.

Gabriela Doolan was at Allen County High School with her parents to watch the game.  They realized they could not locate her and called the Scottsville Police Department to help search for her.

It was only 25 minutes later when the police located Gabriela’s body in a creek in a wooded area behind the high school 

“This could happen anywhere, very quickly. I think it’s safe to say Allen County has changed forever,” KSP Post 3 Public Information Officer Trooper BJ Eaton said.

The medical examiner has not revealed the cause of death but the KSP are investigating her death as a homicide and declared it a murder on Sunday.

Timothy Madden

Allen County Sheriff Jeff Cooke posted a message to the family and community on his personal Facebook page:

“I want to thank our community for all the help and support you are giving and have given to the Doolin family and law enforcement agencies. The help last night will never go unnoticed in my heart. We have a special bond in our community and it’s been rocked to it’s core. I cannot say a lot, but believe me we are trying to do everything with our boundaries that is allowed. Please continue to pray do this family and our community. I will update you when I can. Thank you for all the calls and concern, we are blessed to have the support we have.”

The population of Scottsville is a little over 4200 people.  

Remember Gaby Facebook page

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