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Missing Michigan man found dead wrapped in blanket

Jacob Gasperoni, 27,  who has been missing since October 6, 2015 was found.  He was last seen waiting for a bus on Eight Mile in Michigan. 

“We did what we said we were going to do, we brought him home,”  said his cousin Samantha Press to Fox 2 Detroit news.

After receiving a tip the family went to check on it on Sunday They checked backyards of homes in the Hazel Park area one at a time until they found a decomposed body.  It was Jacob wrapped in a blanket with his head detached.  He did not have any shoes on and was on near the sidewalk.  They recognized his clothing and knew it was him.  The police were called to that home near Charleston and Winchester around 2:30 p.m. after Jacob was found. 

On Tuesday the body was confirmed to belong to Jacob. 

The family said that Gasperoni was trying to turn his life around and was working as a brick mason, reported The Detroit news.  They knew that he had been fighting with another man over money. 

Press tearfully told the news, “Don’t ever quit, don’t give up.  They are waiting to be found.” 

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