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Who and where is Paul Fronczak that was abducted from a Chicago hospital in 1964?

It appears that Paul Fronczk has been found!!!!!.

KLAS 8 News said, “The I-Team set up a Facebook page to accept clues about the case, and our coverage prompted the FBI to reopen the case.  Sources familiar with the investigation say an announcement is expected as soon as Thursday.  We can tell you the adult Paul Fronczak is living in Michigan and has been made aware of his real identity.

An announcement is expected as soon as Thursday.

Original Story:

For 49 years a Nevada man thought he was Paul Fronczk, a baby that was kidnapped from a hospital in 1964, until a hunch led him to the discovery that he was not that baby.

On April 26, 1964, a nurse walked into Dora Fronczak’s room at the Michael Reese hospital in Chicago, Ill. and told her the doctor wanted to see her baby.  Later when Paul could not be found, it was realized that the nurse was not really a nurse, but had taken Paul and walked out of the hospital with him in her arms.

It was 14 months later when a little boy was found abandoned in a busy shopping center in Newark, N.J. in a baby stroller.   The FBI compared the boy to Paul and tests did not prove or disprove that the baby was Paul.  Dora believed the baby was Paul, and in June 1966 the Fronczak’s took Paul home and believed with their whole heart he was Paul.

Paul lived a normal life but had a feeling he did not fit in.  He found a box of newspaper clippings about an abduction and learned what happened all those years ago.  Paul felt he didn’t look Polish and Croatian like his parents and he began to wonder if he was really Paul.
Paul Fronczak after he was found abandoned

So, in October 2012, while living in Henderson, Paul used a home DNA kit to see.  The results showed he was not a Fronczak.  The story reached the media and Paul soon had people that were helping him track down his family.

After a very long time of research they found that Paul was European descent and Jewish.  Then by working backwards with possible relatives from the past, in mid 2015 the team was able to figure out who Paul was.  Public records confirmed that Paul’s name at birth was Jack, and he was one of five children. His parents were both deceased, and two siblings were alive and one was unknown.  That unknown was Paul’s twin.  No one knows what happened to Paul’s sister and there is a theory that possible she died during the time that Paul was abandoned.

Steve Miller

Paul aka Jack has decided not to release the family name, as he wants to protect the family’s privacy and wants to get the full story, before he releases anymore information, but, what about Paul Froncza?  Where is he?

In 2014, it was thought Paul had been found when a man appeared that had a shocking resemblance to an age-progressive photo of Paul (See photos).  Steve Miller who grew up in Chicago learned he was adopted recently after doctors told him he had kidney disease, reports the Daily Mail.  But the excitement didn’t last long as original adoption papers obtained from a government office in Chicago proved that Miller was not Paul Fronczak.

Jack – his birthday is in Oct. not April

And what about the woman that took Paul? No one knows for sure who she was, but  Johnnie Harbaugh, 64, called ABC’s 20/20 after seeing Paul’s story in 2014, and thought he might know.  Johnnie was the son of Linda Taylor, who had been accused of committing crimes using 100 different aliases.  He told the story of how when he was a teenager in 1964, a baby showed up at the house and he nicknamed him Tiger, reports the New York Daily News.  His story was collaborated by Taylor’s ex-husband.  Johnnie said that one day Tiger was gone and his mom didn’t tell him anything and to this day he has no idea what happened to that baby.

Taylor died in 1977 and although she was found guilty on multiple counts of welfare fraud, she never was charged with kidnapping a child.

Jack continues to search for Paul and he created a Facebook page  where people can contact him.  He is still doing his best to track down any leads he gets to see if they lead to Paul Fronczak. (As of December 2019, he is still looking for his twin sister.)

If you recognize the baby pictured above or remember anything about a baby that maybe suddenly appeared around 1964, please contact Jack at his page and let him know.

Paul Fronczak could be live some where and doesn’t know he is the missing baby taken from a New Jersey hospital decades ago.

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