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Missing Massachusetts 2-year-old found alive miles away from home; naked and head shaved

UPDATE:  11/21/15- Hamilton Police announced the arrest of the  Abigail Hanna, 21, of Topsfield, Massachusetts. Hanna faces kidnapping, assault and breaking and entering charges. Hanna was the child’s babysitter.  Police are stating she abducted Lyndon and is being held without bail.

UDPATE:  11/20/15 – WCVB is reported that cigarette burns were found on her body.

A two-year-old girl that went missing in Massachusetts has been found alive with her head shaved and naked, 8-miles from her home.

Lyndon Albers went missing at 7 a.m. from her Lincoln Avenue home in Hamilton.  The parents stated they saw her at 3 a.m. that morning.  The police arrived and conducted a search around the area, reports Fox Boston. 

A Ipswich couple spotted a child while driving through Rowley near Wilkes Road around 10 a.m.  She was in a pile of leaves, naked with her head shaved and had a bump on her head, reports Fox Boston.  It is not clear if her hair was already shaved before she went missing or not.  The couple wrapped her up put her in their car and called the police, and she was identified as Lyndon.

The police took her to Boston Children’s Hospital where she was reported to be in fair condition, reports CBS Boston news.  Her parents arrived at the hospital.  Lyndon has a 4-year-old sibling.

Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens stated that the authorities were still piecing the story together.  They do not know if the child wandered off or was taken

“As a parent, I feel very much for these parents,” said Hamilton Chief Russell Stevens.

Last bit of news is that the police want to talk with a woman that use to work at Lyndon’s school, per Richard Sweeney, spokesman for the college, who told NewsCenter 5.


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