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Peggy McGuire: Oklahoma woman missing since 2015

Peggy McGuire

Peggy McGuire missing from Oklahoma

Help Bring Peggy Home, by guest author Karla Vanatta

Peggy McGuire
Peggy McGuire

Stidham, Oklahoma is a quaint little town that sits 12 miles Northwest of Eufaula, Oklahoma. In 2015 Stidham had only 20 residents. On any given day you can drive by and see horses playing in the pasture, old men fishing off the many docks connected to Lake Eufaula, and ladies out shopping with kids in tow. Much like every other small Oklahoma town it would be nothing out of the ordinary to walk into any business in town and be called honey or darling, whether stranger or long time resident. Oklahoma natives are, as a rule, friendly and welcoming. Townsfolk and guest alike have always had a sense of security in this quiet little town. That all changed on November 16, 2015 for one family in particular.

The day started out like any other for 28-year-old Peggy McGuire. She got her 8-year-old son up and got him ready for school. She was looking forward to Thanksgiving, which was just 10 days away, and her birthday, which would be the day after Thanksgiving. Peggy left the house she shared with her son and his father, Thomas McIntosh, to take her son to school in the neighboring town of Canadian, which was 13 miles away. After she dropped her young son off at school and kissed him goodbye she called her stepfather and discussed plans for a new deck at her house. She told him she would call him back with the measurements. That phone call never came.

In July of 2016 the population of Stidham was listed as 19, not 20. But what happened to their beloved Peggy?

Peggy was supposed to meet her mother, Betty Davis at her nieces ball game later that evening. She never showed up. Her mother texted and called her repeatedly with no reply. By this time her family was getting worried. One of Peggy’s cousins stated that Peggy’s boyfriend Thomas McIntosh, who was also her son’s father, had picked her son up from school that day. That was unusual. Though Thomas lived with Peggy and his son, normally Peggy picked him up. She always had him with her unless she was working. She even took him with her when she was bailing hay in the fields or tending to her horses. Besides work, she didn’t go anywhere without her son. She loved him more than anything and her bright smile always became brighter whenever he was around.

Peggy is a very sweet person that loves to help people and take care of them so her job as a LPN was fitting for her. She also has a love for animals, especially her horses. She loves being outdoors with nature. She loves life in general. After not hearing from Peggy for two days and especially knowing she had not even contacted her son, Peggy’s mother filed a missing persons report with the McIntosh County Sheriffs office. It was Wednesday, November 18th. That same day Peggy’s brother found her 2012 Toyota Tundra Pickup truck at a rural bar called TJs Ice House, just 10 mikes from her home. Peggy’s family and friends all agreed that Peggy did not drink alcohol so it made no sense to any of them why her truck would be at a bar. Video footage from the bar showed a grainy image of a her truck pulling into the bar parking lot at 5:45 a.m. on Tuesday November 17th a large man stepped out of the truck then left the parking lot.

The video was posted on the news along with the story of Peggy’s disappearance. Pamela Bradford saw the video and contacted police. She lived next door to TJs Ice House and according to she left for work just before 6 a.m. Tuesday morning and saw a man walking down the road. When he saw her he ducked into the weeds nearby.  But who was this man? No one has come forward to say they were the person who dropped her truck off or who was walking down that road in the early morning hours the day after Peggy’s disappearance. The video outside the bar was too grainy and it was too dark outside for any form of identification besides that it looked like a large male.

The McIntosh County Sheriffs office did not issue any type of search right away. They said there was too much acreage to cover, with too little resources and not enough information to go off of as to where to start the search. They promised as soon as they got more information on where to start searching, they would. Peggy’s family was not about to sit around and wait!  Almost immediately they had volunteers on 4 wheelers out searching 100s of miles of terrain. The company Peggy worked offered a $15,000 reward leading to her safe return. Other companies soon followed. As did her family, friends and the public.

Her family put up missing persons posters with pictures of her and information about her disappearance. They listed that she was 5’10, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. They started a page for her on Facebook called Bring Peggy Home!!!!  Her page currently has nearly 11,000 followers. They pray for Peggy and her family and offer words of comfort and hope. The family is selling sweatshirts on the page to help raise money to assist in bringing Peggy home. To date they have a reward of $50,000 offered for any person that can provide information that brings Peggy home. Her mother Betty has vowed to never stop until her daughter is brought home.

Meanwhile the McIntosh County Sheriffs office brought in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to assist on the case. A search warrant was filed on December 14th, 2015. Cadaver dogs and forensic anthropologist from the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiners Office were brought in.

In March of 2016 the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation released documents that reveal evidence that was discovered in her home, on her property and on other property. A ruger .357 caliber revolver was taken into evidence. Investigators took swabs of blood-like stains off of the couch and back porch, as well as samples of stains found in the bucket of a front loading tractor. They also took leather gloves from Thomas McIntosh’s truck that had red stains on them. In addition they took cell phones, computers and bank statements belonging to both Peggy McGuire and Thomas McIntosh. According to KOKI, McGuire had filed a protective order against McIntosh in both 2006 and 2013.

As the one year mark rolled around, no arrest had been made. Peggy’s family and friends held a candlelight vigil in her honor where they released yellow balloons.
As the snow fell last week Peggy’s family did not forget their promise to always keep looking for her and doing whatever they can to bring her home. As snow fell and covered much of the state, they wrote a simple, but heartfelt message as big as they could for all to see. It simply read, “Bring Peggy Home.”

 If you have any information about the disappearance of Peggy McGuire please contact the McIntosh County Sheriffs Office at 918-689-2526 or the OSBI at 1-800-522-8017.

Let’s help bring Peggy Home!

Help Bring Peggy Home, by guest author Karla Vanatta


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