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San Diego man missing and may be wandering confused FOUND

UPDATE:  12/8/15 – Posted on Help Find Clair “Cork” Illig’s page:  “With great sadness we have found out Clair’s body was found by a jogger in a canyon not to far from his home . We don’t have all the details yet and will update as soon as we do . We would like to thank all of you for help , love and support.”

Original story:  Craig “Cork” Illig, 62, from San Diego County was last seen on Nov. 14 around noon in his front yard of his home on 2365 Langumuir St. in Linda Vista.

On Nov. 16 a neighbor found Illig’s cell phone in the alley near the backyard of Illig’s home.  Another neighbor told police he saw Illig return home via a taxi, clad in a blue hospital gown, reports Fox 5 news.

Illig may be confused and wandering the streets.

Posted on his Facebook page:  Help Find Clair “Cork” Illig NEW INFORMATION RELEASED:
There is believed to have been a sighting of Clair in the La Jolla area. Man says he saw Clair in front of the Caldwell Banker building at 930 Prospect St yesterday.
If you are in the area please keep your eyes open, flyers have been posted and SDPD in the area have also been notified. HELP BRING CORK HOME.

Illig is described as 6 feet tall, around 300 pounds, with sandy brown hair and blue eyes.

Police said he is likely to be wearing a T-shirt or polo shirt and sandals.  Illig is 6’ tall, 300 pounds with sandy brown hair and blue eyes.  Police asked anyone with information about Illig to call them at (619) 531-2000.

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