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Eric Kohler missing from Gardena FOUND

UPDATE 12/20;15 – Eric Kohler posted a courageous statement on Facebook on Dec. 20th explaining his disappearance.  In a time where most hide from their mistakes, Eric has decided to tell what happened to him to social media.

Whether he knows it or not, I think that his post can help others that are thinking the only way out is disappearing or suicide.

Eric probably doesn’t realize how many family and friends of those that have gone missing tell the missing person to not talk about it; to not confess what was really going on that caused them to hide.  They tell the once missing person that it’s not anyone’s business and runs interference and tells the media for them that they want privacy.  But, this advise is not helping the person face the issue, and just leads to more shame.   

Eric chose to take charge of his own destination and tell the world what happened.  In Eric’s post he states he let down a lot of people around him, but I don’t believe that anyone actually felt that way.  Most of us know how hard life can be and when we all make mistakes and sink into depression or drink too much or drive too fast in a car or the 100’s of things that we all chose instead of reaching out for help, and because of that we are pretty non judgmental.  Most of us have been on a path of destruction but luckily something interrupts that path and we can get the help we need.  For some it’s talking with a friend, some a therapist and others have to end up in jail before that come to terms with what they are doing.  Family and friends know this so well, and they also know that it could have ended much worse, and the fact that a loved one is getting the help they need, they can only applaud that and don’t pass judgement.

To Eric:  Though you may be feeling shame right now, know that you were already feeling shame, and that is what kept you on that path of self-destruction, but that all is going to shame.  That weight you have been carrying around for years will slowly go away with the help of family and friends.  Just know that you are braver than you know and one day shame will be replaced by forgiveness, and you will fully be the person that you were always trying to be.  We are rooting for you and are so glad that you entrusted us with your truth.

Eric’s post:

“Three weeks ago I disappeared. As a result of my unconscious selfishness in a downward spiral it caused what I can only identify as a frenzy. There were so many questions, so much confusion and an unfortunate amount of heartache. However, within all of the chaos and insanity, there was also a miracle. I witnessed support from family, friends, loved ones, coworkers and people I’ve never even met before. Individuals from every corner of the country and even across borders united as one to create a support group during a period of my life that I wasn’t even aware I needed.

My name is Eric Kohler and I am an addict. The actions that led up to the events unfolding over these past few weeks are not my proudest moments. Addiction is a serious issue that I clearly recognize now. Through a state of exhaustion fueled by the stress and high expectations that were put on me, and the life I chose, my addiction escalated and I mentally snapped. This emotional and physical breakdown caused me to desert the people I care for and most importantly care for me.

I honestly wish I had a more outlandish and exciting story to spin that would explain my disappearance and failures, but I do not. At this point the details do not matter, the repercussions are mine to live with. I’ve let down so many people around me, which is not something I’m used to. Though my actions will be ridiculed by the negativity of some, I look forward to the positivity I will bring to those who did care by making my amends and returning the unconditional love you’ve all shown me.
I am currently seeking treatment at a facility for my addiction. I felt that it was finally an appropriate time to reach out and provide an explanation, given I can now see more clearly. And well, if for no other reason than to promote an advocacy for the struggle and hardships that addiction can cause not only on yourself, but ALL of those around you whether they are strangers or not.

I believe most people would find it easiest to ignore or dodge the questions and speculations, but I’ve decided that instead of bottling up my past destruction, I want to use my story as an example of a positive outcome. Those of you struggling and thinking no one cares, reach out to those around you. You will be pleasantly surprised to realize how much we, as humans, are capable of. I unfortunately had to figure this out in the hardest and most selfish way.

Words will never be able to fully articulate the gratitude and appreciation I have for everyone who got involved. It’s such a blessing to see how many people actually do care. I can admit that because of this realization and the support of others, I finally feel confident that I will be okay and able to recover to my normal self or whoever that may now become.

I love all of you; family, friends, coworkers, whether we are acquaintances or not. It is because of your unity that I am safe, I am alive, and I have the rest of my life ahead of me.

Update 12/4/14 Eric was located in la Paz and is safe.
UPDATE:  12/1/15 – There was GPS on Eric’s phone but because of privacy rights the family cannot get that information and the police will not release the information.

Eric Kohler, 27,   once a resident of the East Bay Area, and currently lives in the Palms and works in Gardena has been missing  since Nov. 24, 2015.  He was a Special Effects Producer for Hydraulx, and works as a visual effects producer.  According to, his film credits are:  “The Avengers,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and “The Hangover Part III,” “Goosebumps,” “The Revenant” and “San Andreas.”

He was wearing a light blue collared shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes, and brown watch.  He may be driving a 2015 Range Rover Evoque Black with matte black rims and a dent above driver’s side rear wheel well.  No plates as they are plates of the dealers name as it was recently purchased.

If you see him, please call the police at 925-580-7512 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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