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Two bodies found in Columbus park

In Columbus, Ohio, two bodies have been found in Innis Park that is nicknamed “Jekyll-Hyde park, meaning it’s one way during the day and another at night, said locals. 

Earlier in the week, the body of Wilson Omar Villeda, 17, who has been missing since November, 2015 was found in a wooded area near Stonehenge Drive.  Then this weekend another body has been found, but the police have not disclosed any other information.

Drew Collins told NBC4 news that one night a few weeks ago he heard seven shots. 

“I called the police, I saw two cruisers come down, they went around, shined their flood lights,” Collins said. 

Wilson Villeda

The police didn’t find anything, but now police are saying they believe that Wilson and the other person found dead next to him were both killed.  The second body was skeletal, which means it has been there longer than Wilson’s body.  Authorities are searching the area for evidence and it will take time to figure out the identity of the remains. 

Wilson worked at the Barn at Rocky Fork Creek restaurant for about a month and on Facebook he said he was a young Salvadoran.  The manager at the restaurant said he was reported missing on Nov. 14. 

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