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Police ask for public’s help in identifying unconscious women

The police are searching for the identity of three woman after six of them have been identified and were found alive, but police are still searching for the remaining three women in the photographs.

Chief David Ogden told News 13 that they are not sure if the women are alive or dead, if they’re safe or harmed regarding the set of photos of women that shows them unconscious.

“Some of our biggest fears are that these cases are so old that maybe there’s somebody out there that isn’t alive any longer,” Ogden stated on Tuesday.

The photos are from a video filmed between 2008 and 2013  and that was found in the home of Darryl Patterson and show nine women in what the FBI is calling “compromising positions,” tattoos and jewelry.  A video of Patterson having sex with three women who were unconscious was also found.  The police believe the woman were unknowing victims and were given some type of alcohol or substance that made them pass out.

Two victims told the police that they were drinking with Patterson the night before and then woke up in his bed in the morning feeling sick and of no memory of what happened the night before according to Local 6 news.  Patterson has not been charged nor arrested.  Patterson’s attorney, Leslie Sweet stated in May 2015, that Patterson was a regular member of the community and “you can have a video showing sexual acts, but you’re not going to know about a lack of consent or whether there was consent unless you talk to the people involved.

The police have attempted to locate and identify the women in the video and have been unsuccessful and are asking the community to help them.

Please click here to see the photos of the nine woman.

Quote from News 6:   News 6 learned earlier this year that Patterson was involved in a crime in 2009 in Orange County but as a victim. According to a police report, two men broke into his now ex-girlfriend’s house, robbed, then sexually assaulted her in front of him. Friends of Patterson told News 6 that Patterson hasn’t been the same since that experience.

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