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Missing Love One Found Unidentified October 10, 1980

Found: October 10, 1980 00:00 18 – 24 hours after Death,  5′ 5″ tall, 125 pounds.  Found floating in Tampa Bay near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Had been in the water an estimated 18 – 24 hours. No apparent trauma.

Exclusions: The following people have been ruled out as being this decedent:

John Aponte 1962 Guam

John Dial 1943 Texas

Michael Gaughan 1957 Texas

Alfred Grimes 1954 California

Rodney Grissom 1962 Oregon

Phillip Montoya 1959 California

Robert Parks 1961 Arizona

Randy Sellers 1962 Kentucky

Mitchel Weiser 1956 New York

West of Sunshine Skyway Bridge Tampa Bay St Petersburg Pinellas County, Florida

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