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Jackie Markham missing since Dec. 14, 2000 from Florida

Jacquelyn Markham, who worked as a dispatcher for Cheetah Transportation in Jacksonville was 51-years-old when she went missing on December 14, 2000.  She was last seen picking up a prescription at Eckerd Pharmacy near her home in Callahan, Fla.  Her car was found in her garage and there was no sign of a break end.  Her boyfriend, Archie Carroll said she made a mysterious phone call telling him that a man who was interested in her was at her house drunk.  When he got to her house, Jackie was gone and there was no sign of the man. Archie thought that Jackie had driven the man home.  Her car was found in the garage with her medicine in the front passenger seat. The sheriff’s department stated they don’t know if there was anyone actually at Jackie’s home, as Archie described.

Jackie’s purse was found in a ditch near Berman Brothers, Inc. on evergreen Avenue in Jacksonville, an area where a known serial killer, Ross Lane Emerson lived.  Emerson died in jail from suicide in 2001.  He left a suicide note stating he was not involved in Jackie’s case.

Jackie was 5’6” tall, 150 pounds with light brown hair, brown eyes and a brown sunspot on her left arm.  Her ears were pierced and she had on a short-sleeved orange shirt with a round collar, denim overall pants, sneakers, a pear-shaped diamond ring, an opal ring, bracelets and a watch.  She may use the name Jackie Norman or Jackie NeSmith.

A $20,000 reward will go to anyone who has information that tells the family what happened to Markham.

Posts on Disqus: Angela • 2 years ago “Archie did not kill Jackie. He had no motive, Jackie nevere said one bad word about him, and he was sensible enough to realize Jackie wasn’t looking for anything serious and was fine with that. She was a friend. He needs to be cleared! I believe it was a complete stranger driving by or the next door neighbor. Why isn’t anyone looking at the next door neighbor, who’s name is RICHARD and lives next door and assumed the home was a crime. I believe Richard knocked on her door and asked her to come over for some reason, which is why he did not want to go into her home because he did not want to put himself (DNA) in that home after the crime.”

Sandi • 2 years ago “I met the boyfriend Archie about three years ago, we lost contact for a year and have been back in touch the last two years……..and were trying to create a relationship………but he never mentioned this case to me. We even talked about living together in Callahan…………and it wasn’t until I saw the Disappeared episode on TV back in March of this year that I even knew about it. When I mentioned it to him he said he didn’t tell me about it because he was afraid I would “walk away”. I told him when we talked about living together that that would have been a good time for him to tell me about the case. Now I’m too scared of him to continue the relationship and until he can prove to me that he isn’t responsible, or until they find Ms. Markham’s remains and do some forensics on the body and can prove he had nothing to do with the case, , I have put my relationship with Archie on hold!!!! Does anyone know of any update on this case???? I asked Archie to meet me in a public place so we could talk about the case……….I had so many questions after seeing the show Disappeared, but he would not meet with me. Any suggestions besides to stay away from him for now?”

Cherryl Pearson missing since 2002

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