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Do you have information on missing Olivia?

Olivia Addison Edwards-Tuttle was only 8-months-old when she went missing from Barre, Mass. on March 28, 1991.  According to the Barre Facebook page:  Olivia was last seen with her mother at her grandparents house in ‪#‎Barre‬ , ‪#‎Massachusetts‬.  Her mother Patricia Edwards left with Olivia to go see her parents in the Bel Air and Aberdden and Maryand area.  Olivia nor Patricia have been seen since.  Authorities believe Patricia’s family helped hide their location.  The police are asking for help to locate her and are taking tips.   Do you know what happened to Olivia? Your tip could help #BringOliviaHome.

Chief Eric has brought this case to the forefront and has stated, “I have been working on this case in the hopes of helping the family understand why her mother took off with her. I am hopeful this new photo will assist us in solving this old case. Please share this update in the hopes that someone in her family (or Olivia herself) will see this!”
This is one of those cases where it will be a neighbor or maybe even Olivia herself that will realize that she may possible be a missing child.

Olivia was born on June 14 and she would be 25-years-old now. If you have any information as to Olivia’s whereabouts, please contact the Barre Police Department at 978-355-4991.

If you have any information on this case that can be added to what is here, please let us know.   Maybe you can help rattle the cage, by helping find information on this case and we can bring some attention to missing Olivia. 

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