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Help us continue Missing Persons of America

Please consider helping MPofA continue to create this huge database of missing and found people.  Your donations are used to  help me do research, dedicate time to writing articles, help others who are searching for their loved ones, and keep the website up to date and modernized.  Last year donations went to changing the look of MPofA so that it was easier to read. Also, please know that the reputation of this site is so well regarded that it has become a source for media and for anonymous tips that have helped the police locate people that were being held against their will.  Producers and media have contacted me numerous times this year for information on a missing person as I have information that can be found no where else or to contact the missing persons family, when they could not get that information anywhere else.  Also, MPofA has become a place where  many feel comfortable leaving tips here than with police as they know they will remain protected and anonymous.  In 2014, MPofA received a tip of a teen being held against her will and that tip lead to her rescue where she was being held as a sex slave in a motel.  In 2015, three cases received tips that were substantiated and led to the discovery of three missing people.  And many of you to your own research and find matches for John and Jane Does and ask me to make the contact for you.  All of the above are examples of why it is important to keep putting up all missing people as someone may know where they are at.

You can make a one time donation or you can make a monthly donation and please note that small donations are just as important and we appreciate it even more as we know that you certainly could have used it elsewhere.  Just a few dollars helps, and is appreciated.

Thank you to all of those who have donated in 2015. 

Option 1 $5.00 USD Option 2 $10.00 USD Option 3 $20.00 USD Option 4 $25.00 USD Option 5 $50.00 USD Option 6 $75.00 USD Option 7 $100.00 USD

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