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Teen goes missing while watching the seals in La Jolla

Jeremy Taylor Howard, 19,  went missing from San Diego County on Christmas Eve. Howard was visiting from Seattle, and had been visiting San Diego for a couple of months.  He went to La Jolla cove with his sister’s husband and he went missing while they were watching the seals.
“They’ve already done so many searches in the water,” said Sadie Oliver  his sister. “They’ve come with absolutely nothing. And he knows how to swim. So, it’s the water that bothered me for the first couple of days, but after so many dives, there’s only so far you could have went within a few minutes, if you did fall in the water or someone would had seen you.”
Howard is 160 pounds, 6 foot with short, dark brown hair, brown eyes and little to no facial hair. He has a tattoo of a cross with the word “faith” written on top on his right forearm. The name “Rashia” is tattooed on his left forearm. He was wearing a maroon shirt with black sweat pants and no shoes.
Any information related to the whereabouts of Jeremy Howard should contact the to San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000. Anyone who would like to speak directly to Oliver can call her at (619) 836-2899.
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